Férias em Auckland-nova-zelândia-gorod

Férias na cidade das velas - Auckland

Uma das vantagens de ser uma cidade à beira de uma baía, e são muitas, é o acesso constante a instalações que permitem desportos incrivelmente interessantes como o windsurf e a vela. Um benefício adicional se a cidade for Auckland, na Nova Zelândia saturada de lã, é o incentivo ativo para sair para a baía e arriscar a vida entre a infinidade de outras embarcações que vão para a água. Os neozelandeses não são nada senão defensores de muitos exercícios. Uma das paradas em uma viagem de aventura pela Nova Zelândia tem que ser em Auckland, pois nenhum outro lugar da Nova Zelândia é assim.

Auckland lies across two main harbours, Waitemata and Manukau. Dubbed City of Sails because of the proliferation of sailboats in the harbour, Auckland unsurprisingly boasts a very water-friendly attitude towards leisure. Apparently one in every third Auckland household owns a boat, which gives some indication of just how integral sailing is to the city. Consider then how easy it is to hire a boat and to sail from the cityside Freemans Bay over to Stanley’s Bay, or to Torpedo Bay, or to Ngataringa Bay, or to Westhaven, or to any of the other bays within sailing distance of the two main harbours. If full sailing isn’t quite what the average tourist is licensed to do, then take the opportunity to be trained up as crew on an America’s Cup yacht. For those in the know, the America’s Cup is one of the oldest and most prestigious yachting regattas in the world, and being able to take part is an exhilarating experience. If that still doesn’t appeal, there are a multitude of cruzeiro and ferry options on offer, and if taken at the right time of year, these can be combined with dolphin-spotting excursions.

For the truly adventurous, the Waitemata Harbour Bridge is definitely not to be missed. Walking across it is sure to get the heart pumping; bungee jumping off it definitely will. Experience the sheer adrenaline of plunging towards the aqua waters of the bay and walk away with a story for the relatives, friends, crianças and grandkids. If surfing the water is more enjoyable than dropping towards it, kitesurfing on Auckland’s west coast has to be tried. Kayaking is also a favourite pastime around the Auckland coastline, with kayaks easily hired for the holidays at the City of Sails.

Trips around the various nearby harbours come as standard, but also available are dozens of day trips out to stunning islands such as Great Barrier Island and Waiheke Island. Both of the islands offer the praia experience not readily available at the city shorelines, and both have their separate attractions: Great Barrier Island is home to some gorgeous hot springs while Waiheke Island boasts vineyards and olive groves. Visit Great Barrier Island for the peaceful scenery and Waiheke for the wine tasting. Of course, Auckland has a multitude of other cultural and historical treasures for the intrepid explorer to discover; the only difficulty lies in deciding what to do and when to do it.